Secure Valuables Peace of Mind

Secure Valuables
Peace of Mind

Exclusive Safety Locker Facility

Premium Safety Lockers in Coimbatore

Welcome to Kongunad Locker, a safety locker company founded on the principles of service, ethics and trust. To our patrons, we offer secure infrastructure and facilities underpinned by customer focused services.

Facilities and Services

Kongunad Locker
Secure Building

Concrete walls and floors with automatic alarm and fire suppression

Kongunad Locker
Locker Facilities

Highest quality Godrej lockers with dual locks

Kongunad Locker
Convenient Locker Sizes

Large and extra large lockers

Kongunad Locker
Convenient Operations

Extended operating hours with unlimited visits, open during all festive and auspicious days

Kongunad Locker
Secure Operations

Biometric access control with instant notification to locker holders

Kongunad Locker
Flexible Rental Schemes

Locker rental and deposits tailor made for our patrons

About the Founder

The founder, Dr. Subramanian, is a highly respected surgeon in Coimbatore, renowned for his 50 years of medical practice and service to our society. Over the years, his principles and ethical practice has made him a trusted advisor and confidant for countless patients.

Kongunad Locker is the manifestation of his vision and the enduring trust he has cultivated within our society over several decades.

Our founder has established Kongunad Locker to embody his core values of service, ethics and trust.

Locker Enquiries

For locker enquiries, please contact us by phone on +91-422-3141842 or email [email protected] for further information.

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